Conscious Parenting Program

  • My Mind Master’s Conscious Parenting Programming enlightens parents to help them build beautiful, positive relationships with their children.

    The environment in which we grow up has more of an impact in our lives than our genetic makeup. The ways that we react to this environment predispose us to live in a constantly negative or positive state. Without knowing how to deal with negative emotions, many people find it difficult to be in control of their lives, feeling constantly sad, angry, frustrated, anxious, scared, or depressed.

    It is crucial to solve such issues before heading into parenthood, as it is impossible to raise a confident child with high self-esteem if you lack self-confidence, self-esteem, or even self-understanding.

    Teaching children how to cultivate positive emotions and how to deal with their negative emotions is an unquestionably crucial skill for parents who want to foster mutual respect between themselves and their children and to teach their children how to live a happy life.

    The Conscious Parenting Programming helps parents to:

    • Get rid of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are unhealthy for themselves and for their children
    • Use suitable tools to provide adequate guidance and awareness to their children
    • Help their children to cultivate positive emotions and become confident, enlightened, healthy, well-behaved, and successful in their lives

    This program is suitable for pregnant women, couples, or women before conception, parents-to-be, and parents of children at any age.

    Remember, children are a reflection of their parents! Be enlightened and your children will follow you as a model and example.

    The one-on-one program is offered face-to-face if you live in Perth, Western Australia, or via phone/Skype if you live in other parts of the world.

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